Seasonal Favorites
Seasonal Favorites

Dine-in 11AM–10PM | Carryout 11AM–8PM
Reservations required, call 260.407.8530

The Club Room Seasonal Menu
For a limited time only, try the delicious new options on our seasonal menu!


CRAB CAKES – $18 // Two 4 oz. jumbo lump crab cakes served on a bed of arugula, finished with southern rémoulade. Served with choice of side

WHISKEY BROWN BUTTER SHORT RIBS – $18 // 8 oz. of braised boneless beef short ribs served on polenta, finished with whiskey brown butter sauce. Served with choice of side

JUMBO SCALLOPS – $23 // Four seared jumbo scallops served with sautéed spinach, tomato, and capers, topped with garlic white wine butter sauce. Served with choice of side

BUTTERNUT SQUASH LASAGNA – $13 // Butternut squash tossed in a rosemary-infused cream sauce with lasagna noodles, topped with Parmesan cheese and baked. Served with choice of side

HONEY SOY GLAZED SALMON – $25 // Grilled hand-cut 8 oz. Vancouver Island salmon served atop grilled baby bok choy and jasmine rice, finished with honey soy glaze. Served with Caesar or garden salad


ROASTED ROOT VEGETABLE BLEND – $4 // Beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, yellow onion, and ginger tossed in rosemary-peppercorn-compound butter


SOUTHERN EGGNOG – $12 // Epsolón Reposado Tequila, Kentucky whiskey eggnog, orange wheel

SPICED WINTER RYE – $12 // Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey, allspice dram, lime juice, simple syrup, chocolate bitters, crystalized ginger

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